Jing Dong Digital –The future of financial service in China.

Company profile

JD Digital Technology Group was incubated in JD Group. It is a world-leading digital technology company dedicated to providing comprehensive digital solutions for financial institutions, merchants and enterprises, governments and other customers. Based on the new generation of information technology such as big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain, the company provides customers with a full range of “Technology + Industry + Ecosystem” services to create industrial digitalization. Connection (TIE)” mode.

In 2018 the growing company had the challenge of developing a digital platform with the aim of attracting traffic and converting it into loyal and influential users. That is why we develop a strategy based on five important points.

1. User angagement.

2. User participation.

3. Interactions active tools.

4. Profile identification.

5. Segmentation & forecasting.

The outcome

The result was very satisfying. www.jddglobal.com. One of the best parts was the back-end ERP system. We developed a user tracking system where we were able to identify the needs of our customers before happening. Right now we still work with the tech dep of Jing Dong digitals on different projects, going one step above our competitions so we can serve the best of the results to our customers.

Other cases.


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