MetaYearning is a revolutionary NFT trading platform within the Roblox metaverse, fully based on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring 100% decentralization of transactions. Our technology stack includes smart contracts written in Solidity, providing users with a secure and transparent trading environment. What sets MetaYearning apart is its adoption of the ‘Play to Earn’ model, where players can gain entertainment from participating in games and interactions while also earning NFTs as rewards. These NFTs are not only in-game prizes but also hold real value, allowing players to resell them on our platform. The platform offers Roblox users a new way to play and earn money, while also serving as an ideal venue for NFT enthusiasts to showcase and trade their digital collectibles.

ETH – 100% transaction decentralized
Tech stack
Solidity – smart contract
Nodejs – backend
Vue – frontend
MySQL, redis – DB
Play to earn mode
NFT as reward and reselling


Posted on

April 11, 2024